CHOCOLATE CAKE 400g 16 portions


  • Brown rice flour: Is the grain of brown rice milled into a nutritious and healthy flour. Brown rice flour is recommended for its exceptional nutritional profile, as it preserves the bran of brown rice, which makes it a rich source of fiber, protein and essential nutrients.
  • Chickpea flour: Also known as Chana flour, it is the product obtained by finely pulverizing certain varieties of chickpeas, it is a source of vegetable protein, ideal to complement a vegetarian or vegan diet, it contains fiber that helps regulate intestinal transit, it has a high iron content, which added to its low caloric intake makes it a perfect ingredient for athletes.
  • Cassava starch: Flour obtained from the root of the cassava, it is commonly used in cooking because of its high thickening capacity. It is a food low in fat and rich in complex carbohydrates, which provides a very good source of energy, besides being rich in nutrients such as iron, magnesium and calcium that help prevent diseases such as anemia.
  • Levulose: Also known as fructose, it is a type of carbohydrate found in vegetables, fruits and honey. Fructose is metabolized and stored by the liver in the form of glycogen as an energy reserve for when the body needs to make an effort, also levulose sweetens more than glucose, so less is needed to sweeten and equals fewer calories consumed.
  • Xanthan gum: It is an additive obtained from the bacterial fermentation of starches, it is used in gastronomy as a thickener, has no flavor, has no gluten, so it can be used in foods for celiacs, allows with very little quantity, texturizing, gelling and thickening any liquid.
  • Sodium bicarbonate: It is a white crystalline solid compound soluble in water, mainly used to raise the doughs made in oven or fried.
  • Cream of tartar: It is a compound of salts called potassium bitartrate and is known in the food industry as an additive INS-334, it can also be found in some plants and fruits, it serves as a replacement for baking powder and works as a natural food preservative.
  • Salt: It is one of the basic ingredients in the kitchen used to season, cure, cook and preserve food, as well as to highlight, imitate and reduce flavors.
  • Vanilla: After a simple process of maceration of the vanilla bean (orchid genus), the vanilla flavoring used in food and beverages is obtained to give the characteristic flavor of vanilla.
  • Cocoa powder: It comes from the beans of the cocoa tree, it is obtained by hydraulic presses that leave it with a powdery texture, it is used to give cocoa flavor to preparations in the kitchen.


There are currently 14 food allergens in the world: gluten, crustaceans, mollusks, fish, eggs, lupins, mustard, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, sesame, celery, milk and sulfites.



Gluten-free premix to prepare chocolate cake, you only need to add a little water to the contents of the package to obtain a mixture high in protein, iron and fiber and enjoy a meeting with a rich and nutritious cake. 


KOSHER: This certification guarantees the consumer that the product and the company complies with strict protocols of cleanliness, purity and quality, this certificate is granted after meeting a set of strict Jewish standards that establish which products are the best to consume, how they should be prepared and how they should be packaged.

GREEN BUSINESS SEAL: Our company Vegan mixes SAS is the only company in the category to receive this green seal for our good environmental practices within our company and in our product.